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Vallambrosa Plantation

Less than 20 minutes from Historic Savannah lies 8,218 acres of God’s splendor, Vallambrosa Plantation, a former rice plantation on land granted by King George II in 1755 and owned by Henry Ford from 1930 until his death in 1947. Beauty like no other.

Vallambrosa Plantation is the last undeveloped deep water tract in excess of 3,000 acres within the city limits of Savannah. It’s uplands and brackish tidal wetlands represent some of the most diverse and rarest micro ecosystems in the United States.

Savannah Georgia Wild Hog Hunting is permitted on a year-round basis and Vallambrosa Outfitters provide the hunter with a challenging experience that will be remembered well after the hunt.

Vallambrosa Plantation


Vallambrosa Hog Hunting | 4 Hogs

Abundant Hogs

Savannah, Georgia wild hog hunting at its finest! Stop paying those expensive trophy boar hog fees. At Vallambrosa Outfitters we offer wild hog hunting trips starting at $350 per hunter. According to a recent article, wild boar and wild hogs in the Ogeechee River date back to the mid-1500s. They are truly wild and are not modern feral farm hogs that have been released into the area for hunting purposes. However, there is evidence that there has been cross breeding with wild Russian boar that were released on a neighboring 22,800-acre plantation in 1984, which adds to the ferocity as well as the size of the “colonial feral hogs.” Come visit Vallambrosa Plantation and pursue wild boar and wild hogs in our beautiful Savannah, Georgia lowlands and uplands near the Ogeechee River.