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Savannah Georgia Wild Hog Hunting is permitted on a year-round basis and Vallambrosa Outfitters provide the hunter with a challenging experience that will be remembered well after the hunt. According to a recent article, wild boar and wild hogs in the Ogeechee River date back to the mid-1500s. They are truly wild and are not modern feral farm hogs that have been released into the area for hunting purposes. However, there is evidence that there has been cross breeding with wild Russian boar that were released on a neighboring 22,800-acre plantation in 1984, which adds to the ferocity as well as the size of the “colonial feral hogs.” Come visit Vallambrosa Plantation and pursue wild boar and wild hogs in our beautiful Savannah, Georgia lowlands and uplands near the Ogeechee River.

Guided Hunts  Abundant Hogs

  • Hog hunts generally last throughout the day with breaks for lunch or in the evening if a night hunt is chosen. Breaks are taken for lunch. Some hunts are shorter than others depending on the opportunities presented to get a hog. Since the hogs on Vallambrosa Plantation are truly feral, there is no guarantee to harvest or even have an opportunity to shoot a hog.
  • All hunts include animal skinning, cleaning, caping and ice. Trophy caping is available for an additional fee of $100 at the option of the guide and hunter after harvesting the hog. 
  • At Vallambrosa Outfitters our hog hunts can be personalized to suit your needs. Whether it is still hunting or stalking, our professional guides have the skills to make your hunt a success.
  • Hog hunts are $350 per hunter for day hunts and $450 for night hunts. Each hunter can harvest 1 hog. Additional hogs are $150 with guides approval on the day of the hunt.

Vallambrosa Hog Hunting Big Hog